Data science is about using data, analytics, and algorithms to gain insights and make useful predictions. This course will take a holistic approach to helping students understand the key factors involved, from data collection and exploratory data analysis to modeling, communication, and effective teamwork. Case studies will provide students with hands-on experience with the data science process. Emphasis will be on merging analytical skills with critical thinking. The course counts towards the Gen Ed ‘Quantitative Reasoning’ requirement.


Course Sessions

Lectures & Labs: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 3:00-4:15pm, Location: Maxwell-Dworkin G115

First Class: Monday, January 27, 2020

Office Hours: Office hours are posted here.

Lecture Resources: Materials and grades on Canvas

Teaching Fellows

  • Salma Abuayyash (Head TF)
  • Robert Haussman (Head TF)
  • Salma Abdel Magid
  • Laura Chapman
  • Brian Chu
  • Zach Dietz
  • Ben Levy
  • Wen Rui Liau
  • Zhao (“Jao”) Lyu
  • Aditya Ranganathan
  • Rylan Schaeffer
  • Theo Walker
  • Catherine Wu